A new Serindia Contemporary imprint title TRUFFLES by Ken Hom and Pierre-Jean Pébeyre Photographs by Jean-Pierre Gabriel.

Drawing on a genuine lasting friendship between world-renowned chef Ken Hom and Pierre-Jean Pébeyre of France’s legendary Pébeyre truffle family—a meeting of East and West—this essential modern kitchen book unveils and revels in the mystery of the world’s most sought-after scented ingredient: the black truffle of France.

This book is lavishly illustrated with all-new photography by the acclaimed photographer Jean-Pierre Gabriel. Gabriel’s stunning and delightful photographs are some of the most elegant ever to have captured the essence of the black truffle and its culinary uses. “In this book, Pierre-Jean and I share share our approach to using truffles that is mindful of French traditions and remains simple, direct, and lighthearted. I incorporate various techniques and ideas from my Chinese culinary background. The result is this book, a meeting of East and West, a collaboration between Pierre-Jean and I to introduce recipes ranging from the simple to the elaborate, though not complicated, all of them featuring truffles as the star.”

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